Traffic Diversion

Traffic is redirected using (BGP/ DNS routing) keeping your real IP is hidden from the public, our system will send you good traffic through and your worst traffic to our dead server.


Log Analysis

Security Log's are used to improve our resilience, our security is very strong and we take our security seriously.


IP Filtering

Filtering your IP will help eliminate DDoS attacks, DDoS traffic is weeded out while the clean traffic is passed on to your website and server.


Traffic Detection

Abnormal Traffic is identified before reaching our network, so if the traffic is a red flag our notification well be notified and the bad traffic will be then be rerouted.


On Site Support

On site technical support team available 24/7, via Live Chat, Ticket Support, Community Forum and our emergency phone number.

Support Portal

Powerful Automation

Powerful API that will communicate with our billing area and will allow you to track your data right from our billing area without ever logging into the control panel.


Integrated DDoS Protection

All infrastructures comes with our Integrated DDoS Protection to ensure your service well stay online even in the event of an Attack. Are products are protected without additional charges, but the protection can vary depending on which product you have ordered. Our dedicated servers offer the bet protection with the complete 500Gbp mitigation capacity.

Customers also have the possibility to order a DDoS Protected IP Address to reroute services outside of our network by setting up a GRE Tunnel. Please contact our sales department for more details.

Protected Attack Types

  • TCP/UDP Floods
  • HTTP GET/POST Floods
  • UDP Fragmentation
  • XOR DDoS
  • NTP/DNS Amplification
  • SSDP/UPNP Responses
  • Chargen Responses
  • SNMP Responses
  • Invalid port numbers
  • Connection holding
  • HOIC and LOIC
  • Spoofed SYN

Remote IP Protection

DDoS Protected GRE Tunnel

$5/ Month
  • 1TB Bandwidth Protection
  • 500 Mpps Packet Protection
  • 99.90% Uptime SLA
  • 10 Locations

Customer Feedback

Learn more about our company and our services we offer, experience real life stories from our customers, in their feedback on our service.







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