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How long does it take for a server to go live?
  • Are Dedicated Servers: Our Instant deployment, your OS is installed immediately after payment is received in servers our delivered within 1 hour.

    If you don't receive your order within 1 hour, please contact our support department with your order id.

What are your suspension and cancelllation terms?
  • Any unpaid service will be suspended on the 5th day of non-payment and cancelled on the 8th.

    Servers that have not been paid after the 8th day will be erased and will not be recoverable after cancellation.

Is an upgrade possible on my reseller hosting plan?
  • Yes, our reseller plans are upgradable you can easily upgrade your plan and downgrade them.

    Are script will automatically change your resources when you upgrade or downgrade without us touching your account.

Is your control panel branded?
  • No our control panel is not branded so your customers, will never know your own a reseller plan with us.

    You will be able to resell web hosting to your customers without the hassle of managing the server.

Do you offer private nameservers?
  • Yes private name servers can be setup on your website. You can contact our web hosting team and ask them for help with setting up your private name servers for your website.

    You'll be able to send your customers your private name servers and they can set them up on their website for free just register your nameservers and your domain register.

Do you offer, invoice extensions?
  • You can request for an invoice extension two weeks before your due date. We do offer extensions on your service on the due date we will put a note on your account so it don't be suspended or terminated.

    Theirs no hidden fees on invoice extensions. If your service is not paid on the date of the extension your service will be suspended for non-payment.

Do you offer Let's Encrypt SSL?
  • Yes, our web hosting servers has the Let's Encrypt SSL Plugin installed. You can easily request an SSL Certificate for your website once your domain is pointed to our servers.

    Once your website is pointed to our servers you can easily install your personal SSL or even install our Let's Encrypt SSL. Are Let's Encrypt runs every 24 hours scanning for new domains to renew or add an SSL to it.

Do you offer free mitigation services?
  • Yes, our mitigation team can help with transferring your website from your previous host for free.

    Transferring your website is very easy after you purchase your web hosting plan contact our mitigation team with your previous host information so we can login in we can help with the change.

Do you offer Dedicated IP?
  • Yes Dedicated IPs can be purchased for $1.75 a month and normally activated on your account within 1-2 hours after payment is received.

    Once your Dedicated IP has activated your reseller account or shared hosting account will be switched to the new IP in can take about 24 - 72 hours to change on the internet.

Can I upgrade my plan at any momment?
  • Yes, you can easily upgrade your plan and downgrade with a click of a button. Are plans is very easy to customize and we allow our customers to choose their plan by there resources needed.

    When time is getting harder you can easily downgrade your plan and then later down the road you can switch back to your previous plan without losing your files.

How many IPs is allowed per virtual private server(VPS)?
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are allowed to have 3 IPs a server each IP is worth $1.50 a month extra.

    Additional IPs are billed the day of the purchase in will be charged with a different invoice as your server each month.

Are your virtual private servers(VPS) DDoS Protected?
  • Yes, our network is DDoS Protected our network management team scans on our network for unusually bandwidth and connections.

    Once our network management team finds the loop hole our team will then block the IP from reaching our network and stop all connections from that IP host.

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