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ThrillerCloud is a world wide global web hosting company that provides web hosting products and domain name resigration globaly.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to radically shift the global income towards independent business owners putting their service right in their arms. Giving them full control of any service they purchase.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products and services, making opportunity more inclusive for all types of users.

ThrillerCloud History

Learn about our business and who owns and operate our web hosting company.


Lunch of Web Hosting Company

ThrillerCloud Web Hosting Company was first launched in 2013, ThrillerCloud was formally called KickAssServers. ThrillerCloud Web Hosting Company now operates 10+ datacenters and offers free SSL Certificates.


Server Corruption

ThrillerCloud Web Hosting was hosting their service on a private network, ThrillerCloud server was shut down with out noticed from the hosting provider lossing all their personal website designs and customers files.


New Location & New Server

January, 2020 ThrillerCloud Web Hosting Solution's rebrand their website after they lost all their data in customers files and relaunched with new plans new locations and better server security and configurations.


Launch of Dedicated Servers

ThrillerCloud Web Hosting Solution's now offer dedicated servers to their customers. We have teamed up with major datacenenters to offer dedicated servers in europe, north america and south asia.

Why You Should Choose Us?

High performance dedicated servers with cloud flexibility and scalability.

ThrillerCloud Web Hosting Solution's now has 13+ years in service offering web hosting and domain registration, we offer all our customers with our expirence support staff high quailty products.

ThrillerCloud Web Hosting Team

Learn about who keeps our services online and running, even when our services are being attacked or hit offline.

Antonio Duncan

CEO, Co-Founder